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Mariam Hopkins

I know she isn't on the the communities interests, but I believe that Mariam Hopkins doesn't get enough attention. She was an amazing actress. I have seen four of films. The Old Maid with Bette Davis. About a woman seeing her cousin raise her daughter while she remains an old maid. Old Acquaintance again with Bette Davis. About two writer friends, one write trashy novels while the other writes serious books, feuding over the years. These Three with Merle Oberon. About a little girl who tells lies about her teachers, ruining their lives. And The Heiress with Olivia De Havilland. About a woman who is being courted by a man whom her father thinks is only after the money. Mariam was beautiful and had great performances. I have yet to see Becky Sharp, one of her oscar nominated roles. Hope you all will look into seeing some of her films.

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