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This is a picture of Nefretiri that I'm was using for my background a while back. I think this is a promo pic, but I do know that the outfit she's wearing is the one she wears when she's still a princess on her barge trying to get Moses to come back to the palace.

Nefretiri right before she kills Memnet.


The royal family, left to right: Prince Moses (standing across from Pharoah's throne), Prince Rameses, King Sethi, and Nefretiri. SEE HER OUTFIT! YAY! SO GORGEOUS!!! I'm not sure why Nefretiri sits on the throne with Sethi, maybe because she's a woman......notice the pillow under her feet? LOL! But, if this was an historical movie, she probably would have been Pharoah's daughter and Rameses' and Moses' sister.

Nefretiri, praising Moses in front of Sethi.

Nefretiri and Moses, just after Nefretiri tells Moses she killed Memnet because she was going to destroy Moses by telling him he was the son of slaves....which Moses didn't know until this moment either.

I love this pic! It captures the beauty of Nefretiri/Anne Baxter so well. This must be a behind-the-scenes pic. But, her outfit in the same outfit she wears once she is Queen of Egypt/Rameses' wife, when she tries to seduce Moses after he comes back to Egypt to free the Hebrews.

*sighs* She's so beautiful......

OH YEAH! Hi! I'm Aryn.....and I love Anne Baxter. :D I recently bought an 8x10 on ebay of Anne as Nefretiri. My god, I love her!! ;)
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WELCOME ARYN! Sorry that I havne't been around lately to have welcomed you sooner! Welcome to the community! Anne Baxter is awesome, and so is The Ten Commandments. I used to watch that movie all the time when I was little, and WAY before I knew who Charlton or Anne were. I have to say though, even with how much i love this movie, All About Eve will remain my personal favorite :) Anyway, Glad to have you, welcome, and I hope to hear a lot of your imput in the future :)

In the past 15 or 16 years, I've probably watched The Ten Commandments at least 100 times. I love the movie, it's my favorite of all time.

I have yet to see All About Eve, I really want to see it badly....but I can't find it in any video store, and I don't want to buy it....just in case I don't like it. Eh, i'll find it eventually.

Thanks for the welcome. :)
OMG, you HAVE to see it! I LOVE that movie! Before I saw it, one of my friends told me the same thing I'm telling you. And I was like, well.... what if I don't like it, I don't want to buy it, but I couldn't find it, and it was never on tv.... so I caved in, and bought it, and I've NEVER regretted it, lol... I LOVE that movie :) If and when you get the chance to see it, you'll have to tell me what you think of it ;)

hey girl welcome to the boards.. Ann is very cool! You can tell who my favorite is though (Audrey Hepburn) I love All About Eve.. I finally saw it today and actually enjoyed it alot!!! I didnt know what to expect, but shoot it was so good!! I hope you like the group have fun!